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    Αυτό το κουτί περιέχει 3 Dark Eldar...

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Αυτό το κουτί περιέχει 3 Dark Eldar Reavers.

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The Reavers of Commorragh are fascinated by the art of war at speed. They ride to battle upon the most streamlined and pared-down of all skycraft - the anti-grav jetbike, a perfect fusion of raw motive power and finely-honed lethality. The goal of every Reaver is to land a well-placed, fatal blow, to take off a head or slash open a throat with a single pass of their blade.

This box set contains three multi-part plastic Dark Eldar Reavers. This 68-piece set includes: seven heads and three different bodies, a heat lance, a blaster, a cluster caltrop pod and a host of extra blades. Models supplied with small flying bases.

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