Galadhrim Knights

Έξι πλαστικά μοντέλα Galadhrim Knights


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Middle-Earth SBG – Galadhrim Knights

Αυτό το κουτί περιέχει έξι πλαστικές μινιατούρες.
Τα μοντέλα απαιτούν συναρμολόγηση και βάψιμο. Προτείνουμε κόλλες και χρώματα Citadel.

Από τον εκδότη:

Those that prove themselves within the hosts of the Galadhrim are destined to join the ranks of the Galadhrim Knights, elite warriors mounted atop swift and noble steeds. The horses ridden by the Knights have spent all of their lives within the woods of Lothlórien, and as such have become accustomed to the trees and the roots on the forest floor. This experience enables them to gallop unimpeded through the forests of Middle-earth, in the same way that other steeds cover open plains.

This box set contains six plastic Galadhrim Knights, including: four with glaive and two with bow. Also included are all the components needed to assemble one of the four with glaive, as a Banner Bearer. Models supplied with 40mm round bases.

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Galadhrim KnightsGaladhrim Knights

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